Westpro Finance realise to run your business efficiently in todays market, you need the latest business technology, plant/equipment or vehicles. But the true benefit to your business comes from the way you finance the asset - not where the asset sits on your balance sheet.

Leasing frees up your working capital and sometimes tax advantages and allow you to up grade your equipment quickly without the risk of your equipment becoming obsolete.

Westpro Finance can provide you a complete financing solution for all types of business assets. From cars, trucks, forklifts, vans, machinery, earth moving equipment to new office furniture and  computers. Everything you need to keep your business running smoothly without using your capital to purchase.



From a car worth $ 20,000 to industrial machinery valued at $ 250,000 or more, we ca help your business acquire the essential equipment it needs to grow and prosper. We also cater for professionals and the small business sector and typically finance the following types of new and used assets:

  • Motor vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles ( vans, trucks, prime movers)
  • Earth moving equipment and construction equipment
  • Manufacturing and industrial plant and machinery
  • Computers and office equipment (new only)
  • Medical and dental equipment   


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Financing Options

Before choosing a finance option, Westpro Finance recommends that you discuss the proposed purchase with your accountant. Choosing the incorrect finance option may effect your GST and BAS reporting. Westpro Finance can provide you with the following solutions:


Full Documentation Leases

As the name implies, a funder will require the following documentation in order to complete their assessment of your finance application:

  • 2 years financial statement (Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements)
  • Asset and Liability statement on all company director/s and guarantors
  • Copy of latest council rate notice on all properties owned by the guarantors
  • Copy of latest home loan statement on all directors/guarantors.

As the funder is assessing your application on a Full Documentation basis, the interest rates offered will be the lowest available.


Low Documentation Leases

With no need for documentation to prove income, a Low Doc lease product are designed for borrowers who  would not normally comply with the usual income verification policies for a standard leasing product.

As the funder is not completing a full assessment on your application, the interest rates offered will be slightly higher than a full documentation loan.

To view more details, please click here.....Low Doc Leasing specs


Commercial Hire Purchase

Hire and use the asset until you make your last payment - and the asset title is transferred to your name. Suitable for motor vehicles less than 6 years old and certain types of equipment. Terms available from 2 to 6 months. Balloon values can be structured to be made at the end of the contract or the transaction can be fully amortised

Chattel Mortgage

You own the asset from the start of the agreement, with a loan term secured by the asset of 12 to 60 months. This product is suitable for financing the acquisition of plant, equipment and your motor vehicle needs. Balloon values can be structured to be made at the end of the period or the transaction can be fully amortised.

Finance Lease

Finance Leases are structured in line with Australian Tax Office guidelines. All assets types can be financed for periods between 12 months and 60 months and usually have a balloon value at the end of the contract.

Novated Lease

Typically used to finance new and used motor vehicles where an employer offers salary packaging arrangements.

Personal Car Lease

Westpro Finance is not just for business. An applicant can utilise this product to finance their new or used motor vehicle and the asset shall be predominately used for private use.




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